Religious Gods Are Nothing Without Man.

If you are a religious person, this article is probably not for you. However, if you decide to continue reading, keep your feelings to yourself! I’m just saying my mind. If it it is offensive to you, well, you can at least drink a chilled water and calm down! You will be alright last last. It’s a common knowledge that truth hurts!

Over the years, after serious deep researches about religion at a foundational level, i realised that it is borne out of man’s thoughts of what they think a God should be, not what the actual creator of the universe (that is, if there is such person) actually is.

Let’s get one thing clear here though, none of all the popular religious books in the world stated anywhere in their scriptures that they have seen God. This is an important fact to note. Of course the reason is obvious, but I’m not saying it here. There may have been claims in some religious books of certain people hearing the voice of a God and seeing or hearing the voice of someone claiming to be some messenger sent by a God. But, like i said, they’re just claims, which anyone can wake up one morning and start propagating.

For a typical religious person, the central being of their worship usually represent all the things they cannot do or what their mind could not immediately come up with the answer for. God typically represents the one who controls all things and balances order in nature. This influences the constant need to appeal to the central being of worship in one way or another to help adherents alter nature for their sake. At the end of the day, the individual or worshipper ends up creating a certain concept of a God in their mind, and uses that as a basis for their religious beliefs, alongside some other religious dogma’s they must have grown up with.

It is with this personally built up concepts of God that makes religious people live their life around some religious principles. When things are going well, it must be the handwork of their God. When it goes bad for them, the insincere ones will blame it on something else. It’s funny though, when you look at it. I mean, if you are a religious person, have you bothered to think about the fact that you are just making a God up as you go?

When you read any religious book, no matter how well it is written, at the end of the day, it’s the same story of people giving interpretation of what they think a God is. Which is why you will see stories of the alleged Gods often exhibiting human emotions, and for some reason, human worship is always so important to the alleged Gods. For some reason, man is always needing saving in a universe full of zillions of stars.

For some reason in the eyes of the religious, man is a feeble creature, vulnerable and little. But, a God is an all powerful entity. Man knows so little of his world, but a God knows everything. Man is totally limited in seeing possiblities, but, God sees all things. Over centuries, man succeeded in turning Gods to everything that exist in their fantasy in an attempt to imagine a perfect being, the peak of all that is to exist and will ever exist.

However, at the end of the day, this same religious Gods picks sides. They’re needy, gets jealous, are petty, insecure, emotionally unintelligent as they all seem to love violence a lot. They also love gold, some love roasted meats, including that of human flesh. Some of them even mandate their worshippers to kill themselves on their behalf, promising some better life somewhere after death. Of course, if you don’t obey them, a beautiful place called ‘hell’ is waiting for you somewhere! And they love you too!

The question is, when will people start realising it is all in their head?

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