The Ogun: A Nigerian Setting For Anthony Mackie’s Upcoming Movie

By Revival Ojedapo.

We all know and cherish his iconic portrayal of The Falcon in the MCU. Anthony Mackie is enjoyable to watch, with his excellent acting and cool skills, you find yourself keeping an eye out for his planned projects. He will be starring, of course, in the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier—an MCU spin-off. Marvel Studios, like all other filmmakers, have faced huge setbacks due to Covid-19, but 2021 promises to usher in a host of exciting movies. Being a Nigerian, I’m particularly excited about the title of Mackie’s upcoming movie, “The Ogun”.

An action-thriller that he’ll co-produce with Jason Michael Berman (of Mandalay Pictures). The Ogun will be the next installment in Mackie’s partnership with Netflix. Yes, he’s featured in a number of Netflix shows including Black Mirror and Altered Carbon. He also featured in the 2019 sci-fi film “IO”. In “The Ogun”, Mackie would portray a man named Xavier Rhodes, who ‘comes’ to Nigeria with his teenage daughter with the hope of finding a cure for a rare genetic illness that she has inherited from him. But the daughter is kidnapped, prompting Rhodes to go on a rampage through the criminal underworld.

It is a race against time, which sees him testing his powerful abilities to the limit. “The project has been described as being tonally in the vein of John Wick crossed with Dante’s Inferno.” (Source: hollywoodreporter).

Yea, acknowledging Mackie’s skills, we can keep our fingers crossed for some sweet action. However, as a Nigerian, I’m even more excited. From the title itself, the whole premise of the film rings familiar. Not to get ahead of ourselves, we still need to wait for further announcements (since the movie still has no director named to it).
But, from what we can gather in the brief overview, we know there’s the search for a cure, which would dramatically turn into a frantic search for a kidnapped daughter.

The word “ogun” is from Yoruba language, one of the widely spoken languages of Nigeria. It is actually one of countless heteronyms that are common to the language. “Ogun” can be translated to the following words, depending on how you pronounce it: the number 20; inheritance; war/battle; the name of a warrior and powerful spirit believed to have ruled ancient Yoruba land; the name of a state; and it also stands for cure/medicine.

Given what we already know about upcoming Netflix release, I can’t help but link the title to the Yoruba word for cure/medicine. After all, the movie starts with the search for a cure. Whatever it is though, we are excited for Anthony Mackie’s “The Ogun”; and we hope future announcements and trailers don’t take long to drop.

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