How To Start Your Own Religion Or Church In Nigeria And Gain Worshippers

Looking at the world today, it will be hard to imagine that most of the popular religions today once started out in a bedroom or under a tree. But, today, most of these religion’s have millions of followers and worshipper’s worldwide.

With huge population, the founders can sell merchandise, organise religious events as well as other religious related activities to promote their religion or church.The good news is that, you can form your own Religion today too, and enjoy the same affluence if you can be patient enough to nurture it and watch it grow as the chief shepherd. Yes, because that is what you will be, the Chief Shepherd.

Religion is a lucrative venture this days. Aside the influence it bestows on the founder, it also bestows affluence and high societal acceptance.

So, let’s dive right into it. Are you ready to own your own religious outfit in Nigeria? Read on to see how you can get started.

The good thing about Nigeria today is that anyone can form their own religion. The constitution of the land guarantees it. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about, so long as you go about it the right legal way. Here are the steps you will take to start your own Religion in Nigeria today:


Every religion must have a scripture. It is actually a legal requirement in most countries before you can create your religion organisation.

Therefore, to form your own Religion in Nigeria, you also need to have a scripture. This scripture will contain the doctrines of the new religion you are founding.

Luckily for you, there are repertoire of scriptures to mould yours from. To create your own scripture, write down quotes, passages, lines or wordings that best suits your religious views. Arrange them into readable fine layered formats for easy understanding. You can look at the bible as an example and add your own creative touch to your own scriptures to make them stand out or unique.


Every Religion have a ritual they perform. The ritual is mostly performed among adherents and worshipper’s. Christians celebrate Christmas, Easter, eat Communion and drink wine. Muslims celebrate Sallah, etc. Think of every popular religion out there today, they have something they do regularly to strengthen their religious faith.

You should have yours too. Think of the rituals you do daily without even recognizing it. You could even make a compulsory visitation of the less privileged orphanages around your area as your own religious ritual. Mind you, you must fulfil your religious obligation of visiting the orphanage and helping them in any way you can.

You get the point. Rastafarians for instance, smoke weed during congregations and keep dreads in reverence for their religion. London Assembly just gather on agreed days, listen to good music, play music and generally have fun before calling it a day. So, you get the point.


Ultimately, what this means is that if you think that the world came out after a toothless dolphin gave a Tiger Shark a resounding slap inside the Pacific ocean, it automatically becomes cannon for your members.

So, make all your cannons worth it, and steer clear of controversial cannons.


You are just the founder, not the subject of worship. So, you have to figure out what your religious adherents will worship. Is it Love? Clothes? Fine hairstyles? Money? Water? A god? A demon? Satan? Traditional Pantheon God’s?

So, whatever it is, you decide. But, you cannot be the object of worship or else no government will register your religious organisation.


Most religions play off of each other. For instance, Zeus, Amadioha and Sango all have similar attributes despite the worshipper’s of this god’s being from entirely different races.

Christianity and Islam are both offshoots of older religions. Christianity in particular has a lot of similarity with the Mithraic religion, and the Koran has its roots in Judaism.

So, borrowing of ideologies from existing religions is allowed. 


In Christianity for instance, Christmas and Easter is high on the list. There are others too. So, you can create yours and inculcate it into your own Religion.

After you are done with this phase, the next thing is to register your new Religion with the relevant authorities.

• To register your new church or Religion in Nigeria, you will have to do it under the Companies And Allied Matters Act, CAMA, 2020 under PART C.

• Part C of CAMA deals with the registration of non-profit organizations in Nigeria, of which religious organizations are one.

• Under this Part C, you have to register the new religious organisation under Incorporated Trustees. The minimum number of Trustees should be 1 person. But, for more up-to-date information on Incorporated Trustees registration under CAMA, 2020, you will need to consult CAC support or contact a Legal Practitioner to guide you.

Generally though, it follows a simple procedure of “Availability Of Name” search in the CAC website. This is to make sure that the name you want to use is not already in use.

• Once the registration is done, you now have a new religious organisation founded by you. The next thing is to attract members and grow! 

See, it’s not as hard as you thought it was.


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