Do Ghosts Exist?

Most cultures from around the world have a belief related to ghosts or spirits moving on to other realm after death. Most of this beliefs is centered on the notion that humans have soul. Therefore, if you actually believe that ghost’s are real, then you are definitely not alone in your beliefs.

Ghosts rank among the most popularly believed urban myths of recent. A quick Google search might even yield search results on stories of ghost sightings. For centuries, ghost stories has been a part of regular interactions among different people from all over the world. The stories about ghosts is so ancient, it can be seen in most popular religious texts of today. There was a passage in the bible of King Saul consulting the ghost of a dead seer.

There have been instances of people claiming to have communicated with ghost’s too. Some people even proclaim themselves ‘spirit mediums’ through which loved ones can allegedly communicate with dead relatives. They allege that they can communicate with ghosts. 

Also, some people actually do see dead relatives in dreams. Some people have been reported to have had a premonition or what appeared like an apparitions visit prior to the death or after the death of a loved one. This days too, ghost stories is a very lucrative genre in writing, because people simply love ghost stories.

In the entertainment industry, ghost stories are mainstream!

But, does it mean that ghost’s are real?

There is no material evidence that supports the existence of ghost’s. Most ghost stories are products of hearsay, myths and legends. If you think you have seen a ghost, or that you are seeing a ghost, it may be time to go for a medical examination. Ghosts are not real!



  1. I personally do believe in spirits because i have heard many people talk about their experiences with sprites. Spirits are nothing other than negative or positive energies and not your scary, obnoxious “ghosts”.

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