Nigerians Storm Twitter Page Of Uganda President Demanding The Release Of Omay Lay And Tems.

So, few days ago, the news broke out that new music sensations, Omay Lay and Tems have been arrested in Uganda by the country’s police.

According to the news, the two Nigerian music stars went to the country to perform on a show they have been billed to do. The reasons that were allegedly given for the arrest of the two music stars was that they violated the country’s Covid-19 pandemic protocols.

However, after the arrest, the two stars called out to their management, leading to a big media outcry. As you know, many of the two musicians fans, as well as a lot of Nigerians have voiced out their dismay with the situation.

However, what most people didn’t know was that some people, allegedly Nigerians, stormed the Twitter page of the Ugandan president to demand for the release of the artistes.

The Ugandan president had announced on his page that he was about an event he will be attending yesterday. As his country men commented on the thread, many Twitter handles with Nigerian names used the opportunity to seek for the release of the two artistes.

See what they said below:

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