How Do You Know If Someone Is A Mature Person?

As they say, age doesn’t really count when it comes to a person’s maturity, both emotional and otherwise.

As someone who do come in contact with a lot of different people everyday, i will list behaviours mature people exhibit.

For the purpose of this write up, maturity refers to how well defined and civilised a person is both in his thoughts, actions and inactions.

1) A mature person knows that words carry a lot of weight, so they only use it when necessary, not because they have to talk.

2) A mature person will rarely do anything just to please other people. If it’s not worth their time, no amount of pressure can make them do anything else outside their choosing.

3) A mature person realises that problems are part of life, and therefore don’t run away from them. Instead, they tackle it or devise a viable means to overcome it.

4) A mature person will find it hard to criticize other people. This is because a mature person understands that people are experiencing the world differently. They will always try to meet you halfway!

5) A mature person doesn’t make mockery of other people based on their status in the society, religion, race, profession, handwork or big dreams.

6) A mature person is sensitive.

7) They listen attentively.

8) A mature person understands that nothing is perfect in life and everyone have their shortcomings. However, they don’t gloat about it.

Add yours.

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