Before You Sign Up, Fill Any Form Or Use Any Service On The Internet, Please Read This.

Easy access to internet and online contents is rampant this days, some people may easily forget that same laws that apply in real life also apply online.

You can be reading or browsing something online, and then one interesting stuff will pop up, and the next thing, a form is displayed to you to fill or to subscribe to. Also, you may want to sign up to a website service or other forms of online services that requires your data. Subscriptions and signs ups on the internet is so easy now that with the click of a few links, you are already vacating in wonderland.

However, i have a question for you. As you sign up and distribute your data online through filling of online forms or signing up for various internet services, do you ever bother to read the “Terms And Conditions Of Service?” 

You see, there is no legitimate website or platform online without a “Terms Of Service”. But, most people don’t bother to read it. This can be very dangerous, especially if money is involved. You see, the most important part of any service or website you see online is “Terms Of Service” which is usually seen at the bottom most times.

Always read it first, else you may regret it. Let me give you an example. As a musician, you go and download a free beat on a website that provides free instrumentals. If you blow with the beat, you may be surprised to get some surprise calls concerning a certain Royalty clause which was categorically stated in the “Terms Of Service” of the website you downloaded the beat from. 

Well, that’s just that! I know you get the point. The example above could literally be applied to any other thing. So, as a word of advice, always read the Terms of Service before signing up for anything online.


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