Making New Year Resolutions (Lessons From 2020)

We’re just a few days away from the new year, and some of us already have our minds set on achieving great things in 2021. Whether you write it down, share it on social media, or just make a mental note of it, you do have new year resolutions. After all, it is a special privilege that comes with the crossing over. What a journey it’s been, getting here through the hurdles of 2020. There were so many lessons learnt and lots of rocking emotions. So, what can we take from these experiences as we make our new year resolutions?

  • 365 days can be long, but time does fly. It is important to keep in mind the paradoxical nature of time. The journey of a year can seem long, especially during the tough days; however, if you’re not mindful, the hours may fly you by. Even during a normal year, you can still find yourself running against the clock. Now, coming from one of the most trying years in recent history, we need to take the lessons into 2021. As we make our new year resolutions, let’s remember the fact that the journey can seem long on some days, but we can’t afford to be lax. Because, a little sleep, and vroom, time’s gone.
  • Make room for gratitude and appreciation. This is a point that rarely makes it into people’s thoughts as they begin a new year. But, coming from such a topsy-turvy year as 2020, we have a lot to be grateful for. This not only shows how appreciative we are of those around us, it also helps us to cope with unforeseen circumstances. It is uncommon for anxiety and gratitude to dwell in the same heart, so make the right choice of being thankful. Whatever your resolutions are, always be guided by a heart of gratitude towards God, and all the people who make you smile. Be grateful for life and good health. Be grateful for the ability to dream.
  • Stay safe. Probably the most popular catchphrase of 2020, “stay safe” echoed throughout the year. Because of Covid-19, we’ve learnt to be more mindful of several things that could endanger our lives and health. While we hope to get the virus under control by 2021, it is important to retain the mindset of staying safe. If any situation calls for strict guidelines, we should be ready to follow accordingly. Likewise, we should carry the mindset into our daily lives. Create good and healthy habits, while avoiding those things that affect your well-being. Remember, good health makes it easier to fulfil resolutions.
  • Place more value on family and friendship. This right here is a message that was amplified throughout 2020. There was fear of the pandemic and the gripping apprehension of an obscure outcome. While we are still not sure what the immediate future holds, we can always take comfort in shared optimism and hope. Many of us were separated from our loved ones for long periods of time during the lockdowns, but we encouraged one another in every way we could, with the belief that everything will be alright. Yes, your new year resolutions may be exciting enough to include the possibility of meeting and bonding with strangers, but do not trade off the affection of your family and friends.
  • Save. This is an advice for every season, but it appears even more urgent now. Some of us have learnt the hard lesson in 2020, and it is only proper to go into the new year with a healthy sense of thrift. Just as 2020 was largely unpredictable, we just don’t know what to expect in 2021… or 2022 for that matter.
  • Be ready to help at anytime. This may sound like a vague suggestion, but it fits the times we’re in. Among several other things, 2020 reminded us of how fragile our systems are. This includes our internal and interbody systems, that is, every fabric that holds our society together. Many people were left grappling for sustenance for most part of the year. You never can tell when you’d be required to provide assistance. Be ready everytime to lend a helping hand; to put a smile on another person’s face. If your resolutions revolve only around your own needs, then you haven’t paid much attention to the lessons of 2020.
  • Set achievable goals and be determined to fulfil them. The events of 2020 have shaken us up, and we need all the confidence we can get right now. So, don’t beat yourself up by making unrealistic resolutions. This doesn’t mean that you should be less ambitious. If anything, you must be more tenacious than ever. Nevertheless, you need every boost of confidence you can get, even if it comes from achieving little goals.

I believe there are many more lessons to carry on into the new year. Feel free to share.


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