Does Smoking Marijuana Change Your Personality? (2)

Well, before we dive right into the topic, what is Personality?

Personality has to do with everything that makes an individual who they are. It compounds from the little daily activities into habits before transitioning to the full Personality of which the individual is an embodiment of. Though marijuana consumption has remained banned in Nigeria, it hasn’t stopped people from other places from commercialising it, especially the medicinal and recreational part.

Though much of the non-marijuana smoking population sees the herb as something that is probably not good for you, those who consume it will beg to disagree. This has also led to a lack of medical consensus on weed usage and how it affects Personality of its consumers. However, one thing that is medically agreeable all over the world is that weed has too many medicinal purposes and uses.

That notwithstanding, this are some of the noticeable things most marijuana smokers can relate to once they started consuming the herb:

1) Marijuana will alter your perception of time and reality. This is mostly as a result of the THC being introduced into the bloodstream. THC is the chemical compound that creates the highness in marijuana once it is heated up or burnt.

2) A friend once told me that marijuana sort of amplifies his mood each time he consumes it. When i probed further, he stated that he always feels elated when high, and that whatever mood he is in that moment, gets amplified. When i questioned about ‘bad moods’, he told me ‘not while I’m high’.

3) On the bad side, i have also noticed that marijuana use makes people with light head lose coordination. A man i know will always start rapping Notorious B.I.G song when he has taken marijuana. He normally doesn’t do that. But, i guess somehow, the marijuana helps him re-live some of his coolest moments from time past.

When i imagine it, i always think about how the arguments with Tupac fans must have been in those days. He is definitely a B.I.G fan.

4) During my service year, there is a friend that i often laugh at once he is high. The dude sort of loses coordination and balance whenever he is on the influence.

Sometimes, his staggered steps are a beauty to behold. Did i forget to mention the long hours of sleep that follows suit afterwards? Or the insane talks that emerges from him afterwards once we decide to engage him in talks? Now i have done it.

5) Smoking Marijuana will also make your eyes red, probably for about 3 – 7 hrs until the THC has weaned off the bloodstream. According to studies, THC gets washed down after about 3 – 7hrs, and the highness will subside.

6) Also, smoking marijuana has been noted to make people believe that they can probably do anything.

However, some people usually overestimate their own abilities when under the influence. Hence, most people may drift into a fool’s paradise under the influence, with the inability to decipher between reality and their own personal capacity.

7) I once went to take a drink at a joint and sat near this man. Obviously, he has been high all day, but he was still looking for more high with a bottle of an alcoholic drink with high alcohol percentage.

Well, it wasn’t long before the man started making speeches about fishes having doctors and nurses inside the ocean. He even said the fishes have emergency service that helps injured fishes get immediate medical attention inside the water.

Yeah, i forgot to add, marijuana can also make you speak garbage!

So, does Marijuana Change Your Personality? I like to think that it does. However, what i also believe is that it can’t make you do what you are already not capable of doing. Don’t mind the naysayers! As a wise man once said, “if e no good for your head, Quit!”.

My one pence!

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