What’s New About The New Year?

It is 2021. The sun arose in similar fashion, dawning on my same old self. No need checking the mirror for a new look. The new year doesn’t necessarily give you new features. But, the new year does call for some reflection, doesn’t it? So, for me: there’s still a lingering fear of the unknown; the apprehension of passing time; and the account balance that won’t stop tottering. So, what’s new about the new year?

First things first: there’s happiness. The greetings of happy new year has become such a cliché that we don’t really give much thought to its intent. Not only is it a message of goodwill, it is also one of congratulations and joy. For what? Well, for making it into the new year. Such a wonderful achievement! A new birth, if you will. You probably think it is not so special, because everyone around you has made it too. Can we backtrack through that last sentence? Think about all your loved ones that made it into the new year, and tell me if doesn’t feel all the more special. Need I mention the rough ride we had in 2020? The simple fact is this: there’s happiness in the new year. It is left to you to reflect on that truth, and claim it for yourself.

New year, new beginning. You’d probably resume that same job of yours next week or so; still wearing your same old shirt or uniform. Same mornings, same evenings, on the same horizon. You’ll have to pay the same bills, maybe more even. Something new on the meal course? Maybe not. So, where exactly is the new beginning? Okay, before we answer that, let me put this one to you. Did you make any new year resolutions? No… No? Yes. Yes, you did.

You must have made some new year resolutions. You probably didn’t write them down like everyone else, but you did think about attaining some new goals. Maybe the wheels are not yet set in motion. But you’re not giving up already, are you? I mean, it’s just the beginning of a whole year. Imagine, you’ve got 365 days to achieve your goals. By virtue of the countdown, you have yourself a challenge. There’s nothing that breathes freshness like challenge. So, why don’t you take on the challenge of meeting those resolutions of yours? The new year is the beginning and opening you’ve been waiting for.

One more point. The new year is an opportunity to heal and correct past mistakes. I know 2021 doesn’t come with a magic pill; neither does it come with a time machine. But, it is a landmark in the unending passage of time. It is a moment like no other. 2020 was a tough year (that notorious phrase). Coming from such a year as that, we ought to make the most of the new calendar. Yes, that’s right. Grab that calendar, and mark out some days for relaxation and meditation.

The new year comes with a sense of purpose. Employ the mood to make some deep reflection. Then, take control of whatever emotions you feel, and work on them. You’ve got a feeling of loss or regret? This is the best time to turn the tables on them. The crux of it is this: you have a chance to heal in the new year, or at least set something in motion to that effect. Just as every new dawn brings you a basketful of options, 2021 has also brought you a choice. Do you want to heal and make progress? Or, are you bringing the gloominess of the past year with you? The best decision is not the easier, needless to say. Some of the challenges of 2020 will follow us into the new year, but the hurt doesn’t have to come too.

May God strengthen you as you begin a new chapter. Happy new year!

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