Trump Is Deadly To Democracy – Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

The world was stunned with the recent news of the invasion of the Capitol building in United States of America. Alleged Trump supporters reportedly broke into the building and disrupted proceedings.

Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the United States of America House Of Representatives. In light of the recent development, she used her Twitter handle to echo her mind that President Donald Trump is deadly to American democracy and needs to go.

Her call for removal was mostly as a result of the fact that Donald Trump has been accused of allegedly enabling his supporters and treating them with kid gloves. The alleged leeway was reported to have emboldened his supporters, prompting them to disrupt a plenary that was not going to favour President Donald Trump.

However, Nancy Pelosi wasn’t the only the American citizen who believe President Donald Trump should no longer be the President after the invasion. Reactions have trailed her tweet, and most of them were pleading the 25th Amendment, calling on the speaker to initiate the impeachment process.

The Capitol building invasion reaction has also drawn a global media outcry too, with a Russian official stating that the American standard of democracy is underwhelming.

Konstantin Kosachyov, chair Russia’s upper house’s foreign affairs committee was credited as saying:

“The losing side has more than enough grounds to accuse the winner of falsifications — it is clear that American democracy is limping on both feet,”

“The celebration of democracy has ended. It has, unfortunately, hit rock bottom, and I say this without a hint of gloating.

“America no longer charts the course and so has lost all right to set it. And, even more so, to impose it on others,” he said.

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