Philosophy Monday (11)

New year, new challenges. At the heart of it all though, only the dates change and humanity continues to endure as best as it could.

Last year, we were able to put out our thoughts on some popular philosophical questions, about forty-six(46) of them. We will therefore continue from where we stopped last year. Here is the first philosophical question of the year at Uptownerd.

Question 47.
By what standards do you judge yourself?

Some people go through life living according to the standards set by others. This becomes more difficult if the individual is born in a society where freedom is the exclusive of the elite. Apart from that, the fact that we were all once small, means that there must have been someone who influenced our personal standard setting and rating.

Admittedly, race, family, culture, career and societal class goes a long way in shaping the standards people keep. But, that’s not all there is to it. This is because, there are other things more brutal and bullish in life that also shapes peoples standards.

It may be directly or indirectly.
However, at the end of the day, there is something most people are hooked up in which ultimately moulds the type of standard they keep.

There could be relationship standards which is subject to dating experiences. There could be business standards, which comes up as a result of transactions and past dealings. There are practically standards expected of us at all times in life, including clothes to job interviews and whatnot.

Again, standards here doesn’t necessarily mean being friends with wealthy people only or maintaining a select individual group. It also incorporates the type of lifestyle and morality an individual is able to maintain as they course through life. It incorporates the things one is willing and unwilling to do at all times. It incorporates the compromises a person is willing to make to earn a dollar bill.

Standards bring to core, the fundamental test of resolve in life altering decisions. Can you lie to save your kin from the hang man? How much are you willing to compromise for a kick back? How much of your personal convictions that you hold dear are you willing to throw away for a single moment of pleasure?

Ultimately, one’s standard in life is determined by their place in the society and in life. There are a lot of things that collectively form the standard a person finally decide they will adopt and maintain. In our world today, money and power is currently at the root of standards. This has made standards watered down, especially when one considers the extent people are willing to go to make money, obtain power or promote their religious Gods.

It doesn’t just stop there. What happens afterwards? Do you alter your standards as you please to suit your situation in life? How often do you do that? How often do you tell yourself is just a one time thing? How often do you stop yourself from compromising and holding your resolve no matter the consequences? How often do you slide by, relegating your standards to the deepest abyss in your consciousness.

What are the parameters you base your standards on, especially if it’s a question of morality and law? Do you give excuses for doing things you probably never imagined yourself doing in the past but because situations changed? How far can you go to defend what is wrong as long as you get paid or profit from it? By what standards do you judge yourself and your actions on your firm moral positions for monetary gain’s?

Will you start supporting something just because your friends are doing it? What if what they’re supporting doesn’t appeal to you? Do you compromise just to belong? Will you have sex with your partner’s best friend even if you are married? What if the said best friend is your boss at the office and sleeping with her gets you a nice and comfortable promotion? Can you tell your husband about his best friend lusting after you? Same goes to the man in a reverse case.

What if the best friend that raped your wife is your last hope on earth to save your child because they share the same blood type? Will your hurt and betrayal allow you receive the help if he agreed to donate the blood? How far can you go with your bitter resolve about the opposite gender just because one out of billions broke your heart? Will something bad suddenly turn good because it started favouring you?

Notwithstanding the above, it’s also worthy of note that most standards are individualistic in nature. This simply means that most people’s standards in life are selfish in nature. Maybe, this is the reason why some people find it too easy to carry out heinous acts in the name of money, power, religion and relationships.

NB: This article did not take into account the standard of people limited by religious or national affiliation.

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Question 48.
Can human Nature Be Changed?

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