Is The Universe God?

This is one of those questions that twists the mind and really gets you thinking long and hard when you really put your mind to it.

Looking at the earth and the universe by extension, it’s easy to imagine that the whole universe couldn’t have dropped out of thin air. With the way and structure the whole universe is arranged, this line of thought becomes harder to do away with. At the end of it all, we are left with the simple question of trying to figure out if indeed there is something or someone out there who might have a clue as to how we got here. This raises the question of God or no God; Creator or No Creator!

I will like to think that the question of a creator is one that we can possibly never answer except the said creator decides to show up and clarify things by Itself. It’s easy for some people to take advantage of this gaping hole in the search for a creator to create groups and call it religious organizations as well as the euphoric frenzy the adherents gain from such fantasy. But, at the end of the day, the teachings of the religious groups exposes the ignorance of the proponents. This is because, you can’t explain what is illogical!

So, is the universe God? Though the most common belief among people of different races accross the world is that there is probably a creator of the universe, there is the argument that maybe, the Universe itself is God. This goes back to the First Cause argument. The First Cause argument in summary supposes that everything has a beginning and that there is a first cause for anything in the universe. With this proposition, the proponents of the First Cause argument also conclude that God is the Uncaused First Cause!

Remember what i said earlier about the fact that you can’t explain the illogical? This is one of those illogical arguments. What this ‘First Cause’ argument proponents always fail to understand is that if their First Cause theory or proposition is true like they said, then it leaves the question of “What caused God”. The sole core or basis of the arguments by First Cause proponents is that everything is Caused by something to come into existence. So, what is the First Cause for the said God they preach? Did this God just spin out of thin air?

Again, let’s also assume that this God that Caused our Universe to exist has a creator, who created his creator? Or course, the First Cause will always continue infinitum because something does not just come out from thin air!

Most proponents will easily tell you that God needs no explanation. But, that’s a joke though as you already know! Why? Because the same argument for a God being a First Cause can also be said of the Universe itself. When you really look at it, What other God do you know that is not the Universe? The universe is everything, isn’t it? It is likely the only God thing you can actually hold onto and acclaim the God status for, isn’t it?

The funny thing is, we practically know nothing about the universe itself, except what the universe itself has allowed us to know.


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