Secret of online and internet

Ten internet secrets no one will tell you.

This article is written to show you the basic secrets of the internet you should always bear in mind while you use it. Be properly guided at all times.

1) The internet is the world in a small digital space.

I’m guessing you already know this common internet secret. The internet is simply our world in a small space accessible to everyone.

You can simply stay in your home and travel round the world through the internet by simply using your phone connected to the internet.

The sweet thing about this privilege is the fact what is on the internet at the moment still does not measure a quarter fraction of the physical world. In other words, there is room for more, and it cannot be exhausted just like the physical world. Think of our world, imagine it in a digital space. The only difference is that this digital space allows man to explore in dynamic ways, creating breathtaking contents and value side by side.

Media giants like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter have made it even a more smaller space. Anyone anywhere can easily connect to the internet instantly and know what is happening at any time in the world no matter where they are.

2) Internet Rules Our Lives Now!

That is the simple and honest truth. Things have not remained the same since the introduction of the internet on January 1, 1983. In just 37yrs of its existence, the internet has reshaped mankind in various unimaginable ways. You will be surprised at what you can do on the internet.

Like every other invention of man, it has its pros and cons. However, the pros of the internet far outweighs the cons.

Everyday, more people join the internet. That number will also continue to rise in the future as the big phone corporations continue to venture deeper into unexplored markets.

All the big aspects of man’s life has been touched by the internet like entertainment, technology, science, politics, news, electronics, agriculture, education, commerce, literature, etc.

3) Search Engines Are the Internet Kings.

Being the chief aggregators of what is relevant or not relevant to your online search query, search engines are undoubtedly the king of the internet. Search engines to put it bluntly, control the flow of information on the internet. The only alternative to this is when you have a direct link to what you are searching for on the internet.

Bear in mind that most results on search engines are end results of internal company politics and search engine monetisation policies run by artificial intelligence.

4) Every big corporation is on the internet.

As you would expect, all the large corporations are also on the internet utilising the benefits and essential role the internet offers.

Outside the big corporations, every company is also going full digital. This has led to increase in internet based jobs. Governments all over the world are also going fully digital to breach the gap of service and serve their citizens better, efficiently and faster.

5) Internet never forgets.

This sounds like a cliché this days. However, in case you haven’t heard it enough, the internet never forgets. You can take a simple look at all the careers and marriages it has destroyed. It has destroyed the careers and marriages of high profile personalities, including some of your favourite movie stars and musicians.

While using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, watch what you say or post. They have come back to haunt a lot of people in the future.

6) Virus, Malwares, spywares and Trojan horses are made to test firewalls.

Though there are hackers who specialise in terrorising internet users with malwares and the likes, the actual reason why the above internet threat’s exist is to test firewalls.

Therefore, don’t be surprised that there are viruses inside the internet.

There are also companies who specialise in creating firewalls or destroying viruses, malwares, spywares and Trojan horses.

That’s how it works on the internet too. It’s as if the one in the real world is not enough, we also have to create virtual ones to terrify ourselves any way we can. Virtual bullying is real in case you didn’t know.

It can also escape from the internet to your physical world real fast. You can check this out by borrowing money online from those wonderful financial services providers who love you and want to help you by loaning you money. It can also lead to irreversible tears and life shattering consequences with just one click of that beautiful email from phishing scammers that look like one from your bank.

7) You can easily be tracked through the internet.

Everyone has a digital print on the internet called IP (internet protocol). You can also be tracked through your social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Remember that each of the above mentioned media giants keep your private information secure, but if the court orders them to disclose it, they will.

8) All the best hackers work for the government or the big corporations.

Every other hacker is just playing it small to earn money too.

Here is a vital note to have in mind. Outside your immediate family circle, noone else is on the internet to play rockabilly with you.

9) The Internet is brutal.

Nothing gets the eyes rolling like the mention of “fraud” and “scam“. If you think that people are fraudulent in real life, try the internet. It’s so brutal inside the internet that the difference between you waking up one morning with a funny bank alert is just one click away.

Another brutal truth? Mind how you share your details online as you continue to fill all those wonderful interest yielding deposit forms that looks too good to be true from universally certified money making experts.

9) The big corporations and governments control the internet.

As you already know, those who control the physical world we live in also control the digital. You can be anything you want to be inside the internet. However, if you misbehave or leave funny footprints on the internet, the government will probably pay you a secret visit.

Don’t forget that they also have specially trained officials who’s only duty is to deal with transgressors like you.

10) The Internet Was introduced to share time between interconnected computers.

Today, it has metamorphosed to smartphones, and is actually fulfilling the purpose of its invention— time sharing.

As it stands, it’s difficult to actually know who is sharing who’s time. Us, or the internet?


Apart from the websites accessible through the search engines on the regular internet, there is also two other aspects of the internet not accessible to the public except certain criteria’s are met.

This are the deep web and dark web.

•Deep webs are not accessible to search engines, and are mostly for paid customers which will require official signing in with appropriate verifiable credentials.

•Everything you hear about the dark-web is probably true or just conspiracy theories. Inside the dark-web, specific softwares, some coded algorithms, high quality configurations or the right authorisation will grant you access to specific services that is too good to be hidden in that inner part of the digital space.

•You can also call it the internet black market. According to statistics, the dark-web and deep-web make up 70-80% of the whole internet space.

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