Reasons why relationships fail

5 Little Known Reasons Why A Serious Romantic Relationship Would Fail Before It Even Starts.

No one gets into a serious romantic relationship to see failure. We are wired with the idea that romantic relationships fail as a result of really big issues like Cheating and Domestic violence, but, there are little things we overlook but are detrimental to even serious romantic relationships. You have hopes and dreams that the goosebumps feeling you had when you first met would always be till you are old and gray. Unfortunately, this does not always work.

But it’s possible to have a great relationship avoiding these known little things. Here are five known little reasons why a serious relationship will fail even before it gets started.

# 1 When your happiness completely depends on your partner

This is common in people who either have low self-esteem or very few good things in life. The problem is that it can put too much pressure on your partner. How? Your partner will always feel that he/she has such a huge role in your life and that without him/her you would just remain an unfortunate pile of tears. This form of addiction is not healthy in any relationship!

# 2 When there is a fit of uncontrollable jealousy.

If it’s you who is uncontrollably jealous, you will probably always be snooping to know how much your partner is loyal to you. When you encounter someone you consider a threat, you unleash an accusation gap. On the other side of it, if it’s your partner who is uncontrollably jealous, you may find yourself sacrificing your happiness to avoid being attacked by your partner. Either way, uncontrolled jealousy leads to suspicion – where you start suspecting each other.

Such a romantic relationship would be deficient in trust, and trust is a key ingredient in building long-lasting relationships.

# 3 Little lies that are being built.

A few white lies at the beginning of your relationship may be common. Of course, you want to put your best foot forward. However, it is also important that you avoid or prevent lies in the first place. When these lies arise, they can spin into a web of lies that you can no longer get out of. It will be a huge form of deception, even if it all started with one little white lie. When a romantic relationship is built on lies, it’s bound to fail.

# 4 Nitpicking each other’s mistakes.

Honesty is good in a romantic relationship. But, being too blunt about your partner’s mistakes all the time can make them feel like they are always under your constant control. Not only will you slowly injure their self-esteem, but you will also push them to the arms of someone who accepts their mistakes more. Therefore, if either or both people in a serious romantic relationship is/are mistakes nitpicker, the romantic relationship may fail.

# 5 Different/Conflicting goals.

As the romantic relationship gets deeper, it may appear clear that you have different and conflicting future goals with your partner. You may choose to focus on your career, while your partner would want to start a family soon. This could lead to conflict when it comes to making decisions in your life. If left uncompromised, a rift in your desires can end up causing a rift between the two of you. Therefore, a romantic relationship with persons with different and conflicting future goals is bound to fail.


These five little known reasons have been the cause of several breakups and divorces, even though the relationships seemed promising from the start. Therefore, putting these five little-known reasons into consideration, the occurrence of a failed romantic relationship can be possibly averted.


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