Tired of Getting Played in Romantic Relationships? These 10 Tips Will Wise You Up

When we get involved with someone, we are not always aware of some harmful characteristics of that person. We are so emotionally involved that we ignore the signals that are given from the beginning. After a while, we realize that we are in a relationship where we are being played. As the love magic washes off, the lenses of our life glasses begin to untangle.

But, even at this point, we somehow still feel that there is something that binds us to this person. The ability to dominate the partner, to make it all for you, may sum up a relationship where a partner is playing. This conduct occurs progressively, subtly, and goes beyond the boundaries, causing pain and suffering.

If any of the signs below are given by your relationship, you might be likely played. Signs that you are being played:

-Ambiguous lies

-Rampant criticism

-Negative energy

-There is a continuous power struggle.

-Frequent Jealousy bouts

-The future of the relationship is not seen by you.

-You clearly are not content in the relationship.

-In your life decisions or ambitions, there is no help

-Mentally inaccessible

-You always take the blame for everything that goes wrong; It’s all your fault.

-Frequent threats of ending the relationship by the other partner.

10 Tips That Will Wise You Up By Force

“There should be mutual support and motivation for everyone to grow up healthy in a healthy relationship” – Jessica Engle.

In truth, it is not a simple task. People dispute the situation much of the time, and do not see how sick it is to rely on something that affects both mental, emotional and physical health.

1. Admit that you are in a poor relationship.

2. Write down the signs in your relationship that you have identified. Check the list and try to see what is actually going on clearly.

3. Think carefully: are you really going to go forward with it or leave it behind? Some choices can be overwhelming, but the changes they bring to our lives make the hard time worthwhile.

4. To be able to see what made you want to remain in such a relationship, invest in self-knowledge.

5. Speak about your problems with a close friend or family member and listen to the point of view of that person.

6. Venting, writing, reading self-help books are some exercises which may help release built up emotions.

7. Respect yourself: learn to see yourself in the same way as you see each other. The other one isn’t better than you, and you don’t have to depend on their affection. You should make yourself happy.

8. Understand that you have the authority to leave the relationship.

9. To reframe what was learned and create a better future for the next relationships, look for a counselor if you can.

10. Look: get out more and try to meet new people. It is not because one has hurt you that all the others will. Think about how many opportunities you’re missing out of fear of being hurt or landing in a relationship more worse than the current one.

We hope you have been able to get one or two hints about being played in relationships and what you can do to be free from one.

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