Top 7 Smart Writing Skills

Every profession or area of practice we choose to indulge our various abilities to earn a living has its vital components. This vital components are the difference between who makes it in the game or who complains about writing not being their thing after all. There are vital skills needed to be a writer who can take on any writing task and deliver a wonderful write up.

To be a creative content writer, you have to brush up your creative writing skills. In this article, i am going to show you at least seven skills that will help you be a better writer.

1. Critical reading

You have to develop the ability to read voraciously and widely. Don’t just read to write that topic, try and know the details of what you are reading above and below the context you actually need. It gives an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and helps you conceptualise the details better. Read like you are seeking for answers people are likely to ask on that subject matter of choice you will be writing on.

Though most of the best materials on the internet are locked away behind pay-walls, there is also enough information to read that are free. So, get started now!

2. Time management

Time management is a crucial skill to have in order to be more productive with your writing. It’s good practice to keep distractions away whenever you are ready to write. This will help you focus and concentrate on the writing task ahead.

Decide what to write earlier. If it’s articles for instance, schedule out your writing time table and keep to it. Proper management of your time will free up a lot of space to engage in other things you may desire to do.

Make sure you finish up any work you started, else it becomes a source of unnecessary worry and may possibly prevent you from completing other works.

3) Good Research and Questioning Skills.

Think big, ask big questions. As a writer, there is no limit to what you can imagine or write. Your only limit as a writer is the one limited by your level of knowledge and access to relevant information at every point in time.

If you don’t develop the ability to ask proper question or seek for authentic answers through research, you will always write junk. In platforms like Opera News-Hub or Medium, the article will be rejected. The only way to learn how to ask proper questions is by reading more. Refer to #1 above!

Using the right keywords in online searches will surely generate search results relevant to your query. Also know how to use the library and seek the assistance of the librarians to find books. Remember, their duty is to help you find the book that contains the knowledge or information you are looking for.

4) Humility.

Accept the fact that you don’t know it all and seek for assistance where you can. 

Follow writers better than you, observe and learn what made them better writers. The world is not in lack of great writers at the moment. Many successful writers have presence accross giant media platforms all over the world. So, there is a rich catalogue. Ask questions to clear your doubts, Google doesn’t bite.

Again, some freelance writers will rather unleash horrendous vitriolic statements at their writing contractors for rejecting their work. They never take time to heed to simple instructions given and requested of them to abide by. At the end of the day, their final output is nothing to write home about and it gets rejected.

Observe, learn, relearn, and learn again. Be humble!

5) Ability to Adapt.

As a writer, adaptability should be your strong suit. A good writer can write about anything to the understanding of the layman in the street.

For a writer, every writing task is an opportunity to grow; the biggest writers just have the luxury of choosing their growth path and rate. Instead of shying away from writing a business article, accept the challenge and decide to write it. It’s better you write it below your expectations and then improve with the next write up. That’s adaptation.

Adaptation also entails that you grow alongside the writing community from all over the world. As you already know, everyone is now a writer, so the competition is tougher now. It is your duty to constantly be abreast with what is happening in the writing world. Again, refer to #1!

6) Grammar and Spelling

You cannot be a good writer if you don’t know simple grammar rules, and always write with messed up punctuations and spellings. Grammar and Spelling is what tells the professionals apart from the amateurs and wannabes.

Formal, basic and standard grammar is 100% necessary for you to be a good writer. Also, punctuations and spelling is a must for brevity and clarity. Therefore, it is important to know and understand simple grammar rules for better writing.

7) Editing

The ability to properly edit your work is a useful skill you must have as a writer.

Editing allows you to discover mistakes you may have made while writing and correct them. Editing also helps you improve on what you have already written like wrong grammar, spellings and punctuations.

As a writer, never forget to edit your work at least twice even if you think your write up is worthy of a Nobel Prize!

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