The Law Of Karma: Real Or Hoax?

Karma seems to be a sweet word, especially in the way the name was carved out. The syllables and vowels makes the word instantly terrifying or haunting, signifying the power the word can emit whenever in usage.

Karma means “action” or “deeds” in it’s most simplest explanation. According to the principle of Karma, whatever you do will find a way of impacting your life in one or the other.

Although, Karma has gone mainstream, and is used to mostly refer to actions related to wrong or right, Karma actually doesn’t reflect that in it’s description and meaning. Most usage of Karma in modern day parlance often refer to it as some sort of universal force that pays you for doing bad or good. This has popularised the word even more, including generating other sweet words like “karmic debts”.

But, is Karma real? 

I’m sure there are thousands or millions of literary works on the subject. But, when we look at it very well, you realise that if Karma is explained only in the sense that it governs bad or good deeds, it will definitely fall short.

Cause and effect of actions is real. But, what is even more real is that the person you think will suffer huge repercussions for the alleged evil they did, may even live a more happy and fulfilled life. The funny thing is, that is the everyday life we are living in.

Look at Nigeria, bad leadership continues because it is being enabled in one way or the other by the led. The persons perpetuating the bad governance are still around, and probably scheming as you read this. 

Another person is not going to have a havoc-filled life just because they broke your heart for example. The person can break your heart and become a sweetheart to another person, wed and born beautiful children. You may even be constantly seeing their pictures in your Facebook feeds because you are probably mutual friends.

Things don’t always go the way we want it. Well organized events rarely ever go as planned. Have you ever seen anything go exactly the way you planned or wrote it down word for word? It doesn’t happen. A great footballer may go on to a pitch and have a bad day even after doing all the right training. A person may read very well and still forget everything they read in exam hall only to remember it after all.

If Karma worked the way it is imagined, the world would have been a better place. Unfortunately, Karma doesn’t work in the manner you think it does. You cannot allow yourself fall into the karma trap, as it is going to mess with your mind. 

A thief who suceeds in his first robbery starts to thinks he can steal and go away with it because they probably got away with it the first time. What the thief forgets to understand is that the same variables that enabled the first success may not be there the next time around.

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