In The End, Barca Got What They Rightfully Deserved

I will start this article by stating that the FC Barcelona I know is back! It’s like Ronald Koeman read my last piece about the three things he needs to do now if he doesn’t want to be the next FC Barcelona manager to be shown the exit door.

In the piece, I had earlier talked about the potential of the team and what the manager needed to do so as to solidify his stay at the football capital of Catalunya. Well, turned out us both shared the same opinion. With elections coming in a few days time and the team battered at all fronts, now was the time to show the naysayers that Barca is not finished yet.

Last weekend in La Liga, the boys came out all fired up, and taught Sevilla how to play football the FC Barcelona way. The game may have ended with a 0 – 2 score line in favor of Barca, but it didn’t paint the full picture of the massive on field transformation we all witnessed in that game. That was not the FC Barcelona team that has been playing all season. As I watched the team school and batter Sevilla in their home turf, it was clearly obvious something magical was happening – the team switched from dormant to hyper-drive.

I had earlier stated that all Barca needed to do in order to overcome both PSG and Sevilla was just to put on a near perfect performance against both teams. Easier said than done though, that is, until the match against Sevilla in La Liga over the weekend when Barca dominated the Seville based club from start to finish.

Last night, the team continued from where they stopped over the weekend. It was like they started again from where they stopped in La Liga; like they never left. The only difference this time around was the venue of the game and the importance of the match to Barca’s entire season. That’s 2/2 now over Sevilla, a massive resurgence and newly discovered team morale.

Barca have not been playing bad all season, but the defense has been leaking a lot, resulting in the team conceding too many avoidable goals. Barca is still the best team of 2021 statistically. However, it wasn’t until the game against Sevilla over the weekend that I saw a new spark, buoyed by the sudden realization of reality which stared everyone in the face. So, I would say that Barca deserved their Copa Del Rey victory over Sevilla. It was a wonderful team master class.

When Gerard Pique gave the team a lifeline at the nick of time, everyone watching the game knew that Sevilla has lost. They sat like sitting ducks all match and only came out to attack after the job was already done. Though we all saw that demoralizing moment when Pique wanted to cry for that ridiculous penalty, Ter Stegen decided to remind Germany why he is the best goal keeper in the world with a world class penalty save to deny Sevilla.

Whatever happens against PSG, this new team have to maintain the tenacity and courage they showed against Sevilla throughout the rest of the season. A well deserved 3-0 home victory. FC Barcelona has now qualified for the final of the Copa Del Rey, a competition they have won more than anyone else in Spain.

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