Barca Fans Await A New Dawn In Club’s History Tomorrow.

In case you are probably wondering why Barca fans are awaiting a new dawn in club’s history, it is because of the club’s elections which held today in the city of Barcelona. 

After numerous postponing of previous elections date, the dire financial condition and concerns at Camp Nou has necessitated that the elections could no longer be postponed anymore.

The top candidates for the elections are Joan Laporta, Victor Font and Toni Freixa, who are all big stakeholders in the FC Barcelona project.

As usual, each candidate started their various campaign for the highly coveted office after uniting the club’s socio to give a vote of no confidence to embattled ex-president, Josep Bartomeu.

Among the three candidates, Joan Laporta is noted to have a big advantage over the rest due to his previous role as a President in the club. Most people refer to Joan Laporta as the most successful FC Barcelona President till date after spearheading the Ronaldinho and Messi golden age of FC Barcelona.

What most people don’t know about Barca this season is that the Spanish based club has been under an interim management committee that took over after the resignation of the previous administration.

Messi, Jordi Alba and Busquets were also seen casting their votes in the election box.

There could not be a live fan event for it as usual due to the pandemic, fans are keeping tabs nonetheless. By tomorrow, Barca will have a new Club president, and with it comes the end of an era, and the beginning of another.

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