Burofax Saga: Quick Glance At The Messi Transfer Dilemma And What Laporta Must Do

In the summer of 2020, Argentine football legend, Lionel Messi stunned the football world when he reportedly sent in a Burofax. The contents of the Burofax are coated in a singular subject most Barca faithfuls dread to think about. It’s a nightmare with a possibility of happening.

However, the club’s fortune in recent times and alleged mismanagement of the club by the erstwhile President, Josep Bartomeu, were cited as major reasons. New adventures were not ruled out too. 

For non-Barca fans, Messi is doing the right thing and shouldn’t finish his career in La Liga – he should probably join their teams if they had their way.

The dreaded moment came and passed with all the requisite media ingredients. Thanks to La Liga blocking the move and a new reinvigorated Barca team, the Burofax saga is behind Barca now. However, what is not behind the club at the moment is that Messi’s contract with the club runs out at the end of the season.

Few days ago, FC Barcelona held the club’s presidential elections and Joan Laporta emerged from the polls as the winner. According to the man himself, only he has the power to convince Messi to stay at the club for a few more years.

 Therefore, it’s great timing that the president that laid the foundation and gave Messi his stardom is back at a crucial time when the Argentine is nearing the end of his career at the club. It’s great to note that by fate or luck, Joan Laporta have always witnessed the birth of legends during his previous double stint at the club. Notably too, Joan Laporta haven’t shied away from letting legends leave the club – Ronaldinho. But, Messi is special.

Joan Laporta made some promises during his campaign, and part of that campaign includes convincing Messi to stay. This he must do immediately. Though we don’t know who the next legend from this tenure will be, we know Joan Laporta already have a legend he must manage well to hand over the baton to Barca’s next prodigy, or should I say, prodigies. 

There are rumors that he can achieve this, but Messi’s exit rumours still persist. Some people think that Messi is also putting on a great performance again this season because he is playing his last season as a Barca player. But, at this point, everything is rumours as the player himself have said that the decision to leave or stay will be made at the end of the season.

At the moment though, Joan Laporta must make a big stamp like he always did in the past by getting reinforcement at the requisite positions to build on from the remarkable work Ronald Koeman have done with the team this season. Part of this is getting a good striker with a killer instinct in front of goal. I will like to think that a forward line of Ansu Fati, Erling Halaand and Dembele with Messi and Pedri behind them is massacre for any European opposition.

Image Courtesy:

•Zezo Cartoons.


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