Arewa Youth Ultimatum: Is Nigeria Turning Into A Circus Show?

There is news currently going round the media space about a 72hour ultimatum given by an alleged Northern group known as Arewa Youth Assembly.

According to reports, the said group issued an order to Sunday Igboho to find a way and take Yoruba people resident in the North back to the South-West. The reason for the said ultimatum is based on the fact that Sunday Igboho declared that the Yoruba’s will no longer condone the excesses of Fulani Herdsmen and therefore are declaring Odua Republic.

According to Arewa Youth Assembly –

“…As such we will like to bring to the notice of Mr. Igboho that since it is he who wants his people out of the North to form a Yoruba nation, we will make it easy for him by asking Mr. Igboho to provide a means of transportation to convey his people to the southwest.

“We are hereby giving him the ultimatum of 72-hour to move his people out or we will be forced to take necessary actions by personally taking the responsibility of getting his people back home,” they said.

Are we now living in a country where individuals feel they can issue threats here and there against the peace of the nation at any time they choose without repercussions? What has Sunday Igboho and his fellow collaborators got to do with the Yoruba people going about their lawful business and carrying on their lawful ventures in the North? Of all the problems facing the North, Arewa Youths are concerned with giving ultimatum to people carrying on their lawful business. The funny thing is that this is not the first time such threats are being issued against an ethnic group by same alleged Northern group.

Same energy and ultimatum should rather be channeled to exterminating Boko Haram, killer herdsmen, bandits and kidnappers ravaging parts of the north. Misplaced priorities I dare say. Such vibrant energy should be used to demand that the insecurity menace in key northern and southern states are arrested immediately by the government, instead of this ruckus politically motivated bickering with no solution to the actual problems facing the country.

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