Hijab Crisis: Nigeria Is Not A Christian Or Muslim Country, Religious Practices Must Be Restricted

Nigeria by virtue of its constitution is a secular state, and is high time most religious adherents understood that. The practice of always taking religious affairs to places outside religious grounds has to stop. In an age where Elon Musk and co are building futuristic machines and creating cutting edge technologies to propel man to Mars, some people are still killing themselves over the wearing of a piece of clothe. As they say, wonders shall never end in Nigeria, and I don’t mean it literally. Have you taken time to take a cursory look at the constant cause of bickering over this two groups in Nigeria all the time? You should whenever you have the time.

I’m not writing this to antagonize or talk ill of any group, but enough is enough of this constant religious motivated unnecessary bickering’s between Muslim’s and Christians. People are always hiding behind religious walls to create chaos in the country and still get away with it all the time. Man is not made for religion and neither was religion made for man; no one is born religious. Religious rules are there to guide it’s adherents and help them live exemplary lives in the society. If your religion pushes you to start creating mischief in one way or the other just to score some imaginary points, you owe it to yourself as a duty to immediately withdraw from such idiosyncrasies.

Religion is a private thing, and should be kept as such. The corona virus pandemic has already shown that man doesn’t need religion to survive, instead it was religion that needed man to survive. The purpose of religion must not be twisted to start serving political needs or disturbing the peace of the country. There are also non-religious people in Nigeria, and they have been peacefully living their lives without any bickering of any sort despite living in an environment where Christians and Muslims control about everything in the country like a birthright.

Religious practices must be restricted to places of worship and in private as it should be. This is the 21st century. Christians and Muslims must learn to restrict their religious practices to their places of worship, religious owned schools and in privacy. Don’t join in the bastardization of your religion with petty politically motivated alleged religious issues. They are none existent all of the time, and just plays on your religious emotions.

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