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Are You Wondering About Your IQ? Here Are 5 Signs That Show You Are More Intelligent Than You Think

Intelligence manifests in a lot of ways, and in different forms. It could be in how you handle your affairs within social circles, it can also be downright genius acts in commonly done activities in motor skills and human engagements. It could show itself in how you handle a task or even how you take care of yourself, talk to people and help make your immediate environment safe for everyone else in one way or the other.

It might surprise you to know that some gifted people find it hard to excel in a structured learning environment, but will go on to excel in one venture or the other with minimal effort due to the innate abilities they have which structured learning may be suffocating. Studies from the Intelligence Quotient testing introduced by Kaufman, points to the fact that overall assessment based on a structured testing may not be the best way to actually understand the comprehension level of any child or individual at any given time.

So, in a nutshell, intelligence does manifest itself in every passing second of our lives in different ways. Structured testing is acceptably one of the easiest ways to rate a person’s understanding of things, but not the only way.

Here are 5 signs that show you are more intelligent than you give yourself credit for –

1] You Are Curious.

A mind that is always ready to learn more is an intelligent mind. If you find yourself always curious about things, then it shows that you want to learn more about those things. The further you dive into a single topic, the more it takes you deeper into other areas and to a point where you feel you actually understand what the subject matter is all about. This brings more learning and better learning means.

The process alone would have shown you means to an end, like someone who recently discovered search engines and what it can do for their online queries. The person might be doing the query and an ad pops up and gets the person fixated. Then it happened that the ad is the answer to their real query. Now think of all the various components [People] and variables[politics, genetics, social circles, traditions, cultures] that must have worked in sync to make sure that this particular act happens – a structured design that doesn’t know you, but knows you will probably find it if you seek for it online. Is that magic? 

It’s like a matrix, and it usually works in such a way that if you are curious enough, something will give back. So, if you find yourself being too curious, that’s because you are seeking to understand something better. That’s a big sign of intelligence.

2] You Talk To Yourself A Lot

Do you do that, talk to yourself especially when you are alone? According to psychologists, talking out loud to you is a way of training yourself in the self control department. Some people have also been known to perfect the act of role playing with and giving themselves multiple personalities. This is why they excel most in the entertainment industry. Usually, this starts with mimicry of your favorites and getting acquainted with certain personalities or lifestyles, including change of environments.

3] You Are Never Convinced You Are Intelligent Enough

This might lead to constant sourcing of ways to improve yourself or drag yourself to the level you will be comfortable for a while, before the same feelings come back again – probably spurred on by massive technological, political and economic changes or relationship issues. Because you are never convinced, there is likelihood that you will always have a tendency to underrate your own intelligence.

 4] You Have High Self Control

It takes intelligence to be calm even in the most difficult of situations that may have made another loose it and act out in a dangerous manner. It takes intelligence to restrict yourself from doing things that will eventually harm you no matter the mighty pleasures in it for the moment. Self control builds contentment and in turn creates a peaceful living.

5] You Are Open-Minded

You are not closeted and are always willing to change your understanding of things or concepts. It means you are not easily fixated on concepts from an extreme angle and ultimately turn to a closeted conservative. Intelligence requires that you realize that opinions and beliefs change when put through tough tests, criticisms and other variables [factors] you didn’t know about or previously never considered before arriving at your conclusion or decision.

Concluding, intelligence may actually be overrated or not, but if you can survive through your daily activities through your own wits and wisdom, obviously you are intelligent. A lot of people can’t, and does it mean they are not intelligent?


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