These 5 Popular Christian Sects Don’t Believe In Hellfire. See What They Believe In And Why

The concept of hell have been an often heavily debated topic among the Christian faithful’s. It is also one of the most divisive, especially with what it portrays for the human soul.

This has led some Christian Sects into distancing themselves from the often popularly held dogma in most Christian Sects that hell is kept by God as punishment and reserved for those who did evil or lived a life that fell short of God’s commands on earth.

Here are five Christian Sects that don’t believe in hell and didn’t make it part of their doctrine and dogma – 

1) Jehovah Witnesses

These Christian group strongly abhors the concept of hell, and cites that it is against the nature of God to punish his children eternally for something they did while they were alive.

The teaching here is that those who do not live up to God’s expectations will probably not be ressurected after God’s Armageddon have swept through earth. Those who are in sync with God will be raised to live eternal life in God’s paradise (if they died before Armageddon).

2) Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Also, the wide held belief of this religious sect is that eternal suffering is incompatible with the person of God who is seen as a loving father that will not descend into punishing His children for eternity in a place called ‘Hell’.

However, they believe that death is a state of unconsciousness. One of the core belief in this dogma is based on the quotation in Ecclesiastes 9:5 which states that “the dead know nothing”.

They also believe that after the ressurection as made mention in some Biblical Books like 1Thessalonians 4:13, what awaits next is eternal life or eternal death after judgment is passed on the individual soul.

3) Latter Day Saints

Like the two Sects above, the Mormons as they are popularly called also don’t believe in hell.

For them, hell is used as a reference to a spirit prison where those who rejected the Gospel of Christ are held.

According to the Mormons, hell is a temporary hold, and offers spirits the opportunity to hear the Gospel as well as a chance at repentance in other to be saved and allowed passage into heaven or God’s paradise. They believe that Jesus started the mission by taking the Gospel to the dead when he died and descended there in other to liberate the souls with his Gospel and offer them salvation.

4) Christian Universalism 

These group hold that hell is not real, but a mere latter day creation. They cite further that there is no Biblical basis for hell since it is against the loving, happy and holy nature of God.

5) Unity Church.

The Unity Church also reject the doctrine of hell. According to them, the teachings about hell are false teachings and totally off with the teachings notedly reported by John The Evangelist


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