Top 20 Lucrative Careers In The Tech Industry 2021 [Including Their Salaries]

Statistics show that the Tech Industry is booming at an alarming rate. Since the industrial revolution, cutting edge technologies are being pumped out regularly, helping to make things easier for man and his work. The good thing about this, is that it creates more jobs and helps the economy of a nation in the process. It is no news then that tech based companies have been topping the global money charts.

Here are the top Careers in the Tech Industry which you might consider learning due to the scarcity of experts and high payment’s it affords. Also, other benefits include the career development it affords as well as individual growth on a big scale.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning Engineer

Artificial intelligence systems are built and used by computer engineers to learn deeper insights and perform difficult functions, especially in computer related neural networks. The overall goal is to make better business decisions among a host of other key functions.

Average Pay : $171,715

2. Data Scientist

The job of a Data Scientist is to deploy his analytical skills and acumen in interpretation of useful data trends and insights mostly based on user behaviors.

Average Salary – $131,171

3. Information Security Analyst

As the name suggests, they are in charge of a computer system security. This means that they are responsible for ensuring that all security threats to a computer network system is vanquished before it even surfaces or take root. This invariably means that they are also in charge of security patch ups, security updates, etc.

Average Salary – $72,764.

4. Software Engineer

Software Engineers use engineering and programming languages to write codes for computer systems. They also manage computer control systems.

Average Salary – 

5. Computer Research Scientist

Using their computer knowledge, they do a vast amount of research related to identifying and proferring solutions to computer related problems.

Average Salary – $73,664

6. Data Analyst

Their main duty is to gather information, process same and perform statistical analyses on the accumulated data in order to find out how the data can be utilised in business decisions to solve various problems.

Average Salary – $77,636

7. IT Manager

An Information Technology Manager is responsible for determining the computer system needs of an organization and works towards ensuring that it is met and put in place.

Average Salary – $88,859

8. Database Administrator

Their main duty is to maintain and look after the database of an organization, ensuring that proper access is granted to users of the database.

Average Salary – $94,331

9. Web/Mobile Developer

They are responsible for the development of websites, web applications and mobile applications. They are also in charge of the performance, speed, security, accessibility, capacity, traffic, and other technicalities associated with web and mobile developments.

Average Salary – $60,494

10. Computer Hardware Engineer

They are in charge of the physical aspect of a computer system like the chips, hardwares and other devices that are indispensable for the full running of a computer system. Their duties include designing of new computer hardware systems, testing them and analyzing the test results. 

Average Salary – $86,030

Other Top Careers In The Tech Industry Include:

11. Computer Systems Analyst

Average Salary – $69,827.

12. DevOps Engineer

Average Salary – $95,000.

13. Computer Network Architect

Average Salary – $122,247.

14. Java Developer

Average Salary – $75,302.

15. Tech Sales Engineer

Average Salary – $86,123.

16. PHP Developer

Average Salary – $64,986.

17. Python Developer

Average Salary – $114,550.

18. Network and Computer Systems Administrator

Average Salary – $69,017.

19. Mobile Application Developer

Average Salary – $73,444

20. Web Designer (UI/UX Designer) 

Average Salary – $64,543

So, there you have it.


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