Top 5 Platforms Where You Can Thrive as a Freelancer

Have you decided that your skills and experiences shouldn’t be confined to the solitariness of a single job? Have you taken on the mantle of freelancing, offering your services to different clients—anywhere and anytime? Then you probably know how challenging it is to land those gigs, and maintain a good streak.

Compared to corporate full-time jobs, freelancing offers a more flexible avenue for growth. This could be a positive thing or negative, depending on how far you’re willing to go. With corporate jobs, there is a structured atmosphere to develop, but freelancers create their own structure for development. So, if you are really devoted to your craft, there’s probably no limit to what you can achieve.

However, you also need platforms where you can thrive. You can’t just go house to house to pitch your services, or stay indoor, hoping that someone would bring you a gig. It is important to explore these platforms and there establish your professional presence.

The following platforms are must-haves for every freelancer:

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn remains the number one platform for professional networking. It is a place for every career person to grow, no matter your trade. Likewise, job seekers have the opportunity here to be noticed by employers. For freelancers, LinkedIn is even more important; as you can attract prospective clients. You can also grow professionally and easily get links for professional courses.
  • Upwork: The clients are surely here. Upwork is a haven for freelancers. There’s a high chance that your skill, no matter what it is, will be in demand here. There are about 8000 jobs posted daily and as a freelancer, all you need do is submit a proposal. However, your pitch will have to beat rival bids. It may be difficult starting as a new member, seeing that most clients tend to employ highly rated members. However, once you land a gig and perform well, you are set to go.
  • Facebook: With more than two billion people using Facebook monthly, it remains the biggest social media platform. For a freelancer, the numbers could count for something. Though Facebook appears to be filled with too many distractions, if you clearly define your presence, you could reach millions of prospective clients.
  • Fiverr: Fiverr is the ultimate marketplace for freelancers to sell their works to customers from all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of people could see your gig here.
  • Instagram: There’s just something about those 1:1 ratio picture blocks that captures the attention. For every freelancer, this is the place to build a loyal fan base, as long you put your talents on display in a creative manner. And it has one of the most efficient use of hashtags, which would attract more eyes to your craft.

As you may already know, freelancing demands a lot of commitment and discipline. In fact, one important platform for your growth is your immediate environment. It is important to be well organized and prepared for any services that’d be required of you.

Though the above listed platforms are online; remember, your clients are people like you. You could even meet them on your street. Therefore, make sure to maintain a healthy social life offline as well.

I believe there are many more platforms out there. Please, drop your suggestions in the comment section below.

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