If You Could Make One Thing In The World For Free, What Will It Be?

Not trying to sound funny, but my answer will be Common Sense, sorry Internet…nope, its Money. It is definitely money.

When you take a cursory look at it, money is practically the one thing that unifies the world and keeps it going. Every day, billions of things are bought across diverse transactions both online and physically. Everyone is dying to have it. Everything everyone is creating is directly or indirectly geared towards acquisition of money.

Take a look around your immediate possessions, how many of them were not acquired with money? Everything is linked to money, and I won’t even go into all the despicable acts executed in the search for money or to use it to hold and influence power.

Also, Cryptocurrency is gaining ground and momentum – another form of money which probably came late or should I say early to the money instrument party. Money is also traded too, like other products, adding more to it’s intrinsic direct link to human endeavours. In this age, not having money makes life very difficult.

So, what if there is a way to solve the money problem? What if there is a better way to transcend the money linked limitations and make money available and easily accessible to everyone in a way that doesn’t disrupt economies? Would we take it? Most of the world’s problem is caused by money, and most of it can and have been solved by money.

If money is no longer a thing, all the money linked debauchery will probably end and the world will be a better place right? I’m just dreaming, we are all in for a long thing. 

What will yours be if you had the chance?


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