This Simple Mind Trick Ensures You Never Get Disappointed Ever Again

Think about it, nothing ever works out exactly the way we foresee it. Even if the thing likely to create the feelings of expectations has 100% full proof and every indicator in the actualization meter says it will work, it is still no guarantee. We try our best to eliminate weaknesses from our plans or things we venture in, ramp up the strengths and furnish the strategies, yet it never guarantees anything at all because there are always unknown variables that you can never have control over.

We get disappointed in how we have idealized events to play out, and when it doesn’t work as we thought it would, we develop weird feelings. We imagine things in a certain image, usually based on our abilities or inabilities and how we have seen or read it happen somewhere or to someone else. But, in this process lies the major cause of what will later set in as the disappointment most people feel when things don’t work out as they thought it would.

There is a simple mind trick to work around this. The secret is to remove “expectations” from your mindset. If one can put a check on this singular cognitive flaw, you will rarely get disappointed with anything. Go ahead and implement this today.


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