Have You Heard About The New Euro Super League? Barca, Chelsea And Others To Form New Competition

There is a heavyweight football tussle going on at the moment which may change football as we know it.

It has been rumoured in the past about a new league that will incorporate the top clubs of European football. The rumours back then has it that the league will rival the UEFA Champions League if it is established.

At the moment, that rumour seem to be nearing reality if the news report published by New York Times are to be believed. According to the report, JP Morgan & Co is financing a new European Super League that will see top European football giants participating in it. From the report, the Super League is set to dwarf the UEFA Champions League.

The report is coming at a time when UEFA is planning to make alterations to the Champions League format in order to increase the participants to 36 from it’s current 32 team style.

Among the top European football big weights backing and supporting the plan are FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Liverpool, AC Milan, Juventus, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City and Inter Milan. The twelve club’s are set to be the founding members of the competition with room for more club’s to join. 

According to the report, Bayern Munich and PSG are refusing the offer to join the league at the moment, citing allegiance to domestic football and proper order of things.

The European football governing body, UEFA have been hard hit by the news which is fast turning into a crisis due to the heavy repercussions it will cause for them financially and otherwise. Expectedly, they are fighting tooth and nail to kill the plan.

Also, the domestic football league federations in Europe have opposed the creation of the competition. However, unlike UEFA Champions League, the teams participating in the Super League will also be playing in their domestic football, a plan that seem to be opposed at the moment. This is because, the domestic FA’s are planning to also ban the teams from participating in the local league if they join the Euro Super League. It remains to be seen how far they can go with the threat since the big teams are the big draws sustaining both UEFA and the teams in the local league.

FIFA have also issued out a warning that players who participate in the competition should be ready to get banned from participating in the FIFA World Cup. 

Everything is turning now, with the whole football world looking on expectedly to see what happens next. This is because, according to the report, the Euro Super League may be announced as soon as today.

Each club participating is expected to pocket at least $400m+ from the deal should the Euro Super League be announced today.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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