7 Signs Of Ultra Smart People Hiding Their Intelligence

If I could generalize, the most noticeable signs of Ultra Smart People hiding their intelligence include the following – 

1) They pretend to be a novice on a subject matter.

You can be talking to them like a novice, explaining concepts and buttressing your points and facts until they give you a different insight about what you are talking about. From the insight, you would have known that they are probably more well versed in the subject than you are.

2) Good Problem Solvers

This is not just physics or mathematics problems, I am talking about everyday real life challenges. They will seek out feasible means to solve any difficulty without whining about it since complaining without doing never solved a problem.

In seeking out the best logical means to solve a challenge, they take the best course of action. If it doesn’t work, they try it differently from another perspective or angle or take it to someone who can until the problem is solved.

3) Discuss about ideas mostly or all of the time.

Small minds discuss about people, average minds are more vested in events, but the ultra smart are never likely to engage in any of that except to inquire the welfare of loved ones.

Every passing second is seen as fleeting and must not be arrogated to unprofitable intellectual or other human ventures.

4) Always in search of reasons as opposed to flimsy conclusions. This stems mostly from the fact that nothing just happens, there is always a reason behind things.

5) Can Easily Prioritize

Knowing what’s important is usually a difficult task for a lot of people, but not for the ultra smart.

Knowing the most important things is a Kickstarter embedded in their psyche. They dedicate a lot of time to research and introspection to figure what’s important so that they can be able to allocate their best resources to them – time. 

They don’t lurk around impossible things or fixate on imaginary fantasies based on their own shortcomings. They can easily figure out the feasibility of things. When they can’t figure it out themselves, they go seek for people that can or that will point them in the right direction.

This is because, they also recognize their own shortcomings and don’t allow ego cloud their judgment.

6) They rarely disclose what they are good at to others. Invariably, they don’t showboat or boast of their abilities.

Therefore, to get a cue as to their mental awareness and intellect, you will have to be assimilated into their tight familial circle’s. Most of the time though, it’s usually hard except you have showed signs of similar inclinations yourself which is agreeable to their personality.

Refer to point 5 above.

7) Very optimistic set of people.

This means that they are always keeping an eye on the future in all their plans. Short term plans are always amenable to the long term future plan since they’re always positive and never pessimistic in their views.

Are you ultra smart?

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