I Think We All Have Multiple Personalities

There is this vibe everything within and around us gives out, and funny enough, we also unconsciously create different personalities that responds to them within us.

From our interactions with people and our immediate environment, we have subconsciously created an automatic personality filtering system that rightly adjusts our neural links to interact accordingly. This inbuilt filter in turn creates certain perceptive abilities within us that how we react to Mr A, is entirely different to how we react to Mr B.

In our daily interactions, it is more manifest. The interactions we create around people with shared experiences is entirely different to the ones we show around people who we don’t have shared experiences with. Even among our friends and family, our interactions with each and every one of them differ entirely. For Instance, a single person can maintain a close relationship with five different people from different backgrounds. In relationships, people keep multiple dates and sustain them with ease despite the diverse characters of the individuals involved.

In terms of handling tasks, how we tackle activities is sometimes dependent entirely on what we want out of it. A person might project an appearance of a better person in public but entirely different at home or place of work.

The way we feel when cooking a meal and the way we feel when eating it is entirely different. Yet both acts are geared towards satisfying a common goal – hunger. It’s almost like we automatically get switched to a particular frequency within our personality for the purpose of performing any singular act.

Multiple personalities in this instance is different from people suffering from multiple personality disorder. However, if someone gets lost in one personality they may have created for themselves, it sometimes becomes difficult to switch from it. A lot of people have found themselves lost in between personalities.


  1. So true. We form personalities from our collective experiences, in thoughts, actions, beliefs and cultures plus the vibe we get from others and how we connect with them determine the nature of our personalities with them. Nice info on this subject

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