Two Easy Steps You Can Apply To Conquer Any Type Of Fear

As almost every Psychologist will tell you, one of the secrets to conquering fear is to expose yourself to what you fear. What is the worst thing that can happen?

One should not let fear of failure or what people might say stop them from pursuing their dream if they believe in it. One should not allow fear stop them from climbing that stage to give a speech, or talk to a girl, market your wares or even dump your religion. Remember, fear is psychological in nature, and so you have to tackle it from a psychological angle.

 Fear is normal, at least, it helps us know we don’t know it all. But, what happens when the fear of the unknown becomes a limiting factor to the things we can do or want to become? Well, that becomes a problem. Since fear is more of a psychology thing, it has to be nipped at the bud in the mind before it sprouts it’s roots and bear branches all over your psyche.

If failing an exam is what you fear, then start reading to pass like there is no tomorrow. Let the fear of failure be the motivation you need to scale through.

If mounting a stage to deliver a speech or give a lecture is what you fear, then start finding opportunities to talk to people in small groups and work your way up. No matter what the underlying factor is behind the fear, you have to expose yourself to it so that your body can absorb that first shock. It’s usually easy to do it better after the first try than thinking about how the first trial will be like.

The second secret is to never try to escape your fear. Most times, it starts with giving excuses as to why you cannot do what you said you would do or what you know you are capable of doing. Remember, if you think you can do it, you can. If you also think you cannot do it, you are also right. So, which one do you want to believe?

Here’s what I think, your fear have no hold over you because fear is just a mental construct – it is not real.

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