3 Accounts On The Origin of the World

 Till date, there are no conclusive agreement with respect to the creation of the world and all that there is. Almost everything about the origin of the world is left to speculation, inconclusive scientific evidence, religious interpretation or cultural Myths and Legends.

Here are five accounts of the origin of the world according to some interpretations – 

1] The Big Bang Theory

This is a scientific proposition about how the universe started. It is also the most profound leading cosmological model about the origin of the world.

According to the Big Bang Theory, a singularity caused the universe to expand in a period spanning 13.8billion years. The result of the expansion produced the universe as we know it today.

Scientists were able to note this using special instruments mathematical model to observe a phenomenon known as the “cosmic microwave background”.

2] Judeo-Christian

According to the Book of Genesis, Yahweh or God created the Universe. From the account of creation as recorded in the Book of Genesis, God is seen using His word to bring the world to form.

From the account, God created everything in the universe, including light, man, trees, animals, and everything else. After the creation, God looked at it and saw that His creation was good. Then, on the 7th day He rested after giving man the authority to look after the creation.

3] Igbo Creation Myth

In the traditional Igbo Myths and Legends, Chineke created the Universe and every other thing in it.

According to Myths and legends from available literature, Igwe and Ala created humans on earth. The two Gods created four males four and females using sticks from the Ofor tree, clay, chalk and Umune leaves.

After creating the humans, Igwe and Ala taught educated them about the seven (7) cycles of life as well as other questions pertaining to life on earth. They also taught humans about Chineke who is the Supreme God of the universe.


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