If You Are Finding It Hard To Quit A Toxic Lifestyle, This Could Be Why

Quiting lifestyles we have gotten used to is usually difficult. It’s even more difficult if the said lifestyles are overbearing in nature, and has formed a huge part of our daily living. 

Nothing in itself is bad when done in moderation. However, once a person gets addicted to them, quitting becomes a problem. Some of the lifestyles may include but not limited to excessive alcohol intake, drug abuse, masturbation, religious zealotry, late night parties, chat bot, gossiping, smoking, prostitution, eating too much junk food, phone addiction, etc.

There are a lot of reasons why quitting any of the aforementioned vices may start proving to be difficult. Of course, the most important one is addiction but, it is not the only major thing.

 The thrill one gets from engaging in them is also another major factor. Most people get huge thrills from taking psychotropics or drinking alcohol. In cliques and social circles, the braggadocios feeling of being able to partake in them seems to give a lot of people some sense of belonging. 

For those who prostitute with their body, their environment may also be playing a huge factor. With the advent of so many coded websites and apps making it easy to do your thing secretly has played a huge role. The ease of cashing out with few hours or minutes of secret indulgence will in the long run make it hard to quit, no matter how hard the person tries. 

If your social circle consist of people who indulge in the same destructive toxic lifestyle like drug abuse, quitting drugs is also tantamount to removing yourself from that circle. Experience has shown that this is usually hard to do.

Excessive alcohol intake automatically alters your body system and makes your body dependent on it within a short period. With alcohol, quitting becomes life threatening as opposed to continuous drinking once you start drinking too much.

So, as you can see, the ease of indulgence and the possible thrill will eventually lead to dependence which ultimately breeds addiction. The road to addiction starts with ease of indulgence, migrates to thrills and develops into massive dependence.

 The ability to realise that your indulgence and the thrills are gradually leading to dependence on what will eventually be a toxic lifestyle is the key to creating a moderation in them all.

However, if you find that you are already addicted to the lifestyle, removing yourself from your social circle and immediate environment is one of the known ways of starting the detoxification process.

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