3 Little Known Facts About The Illuminati

There are so many conflicting literature about the Illuminati. However, there are also some well known facts about the group and it’s operations, especially in the early days of it’s start up. Here are some of them – 

1) The Original Name

According to some texts, the original name the founder of the group named the Order is” Bund der Perfektibilisten” which means” Covenant of Perfectibility“.

However, the founder is noted to have changed the name due to how strange it sounded to the ears. 

2) Formed In Bavaria

The Order of Illuminati was first established in Bavaria on 1st May 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. However, at this point, they have not started using the name “Illuminati”.

Bavaria is a city in present day Germany. Bayern Munich FC is also located in this place.

3) The Order of Illuminati Was Outlawed

Illuminati Order was among the group of secret societies outlawed by Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria through an Edict.

The Duke of Bavaria disbanded the Illuminati Order in 1785.

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