The 5 Most Mysterious Secret Societies In The World

Over the years, several secret societies have come and gone. While some left forgettable and unforgettable footprints in the sands of time, the activities of others have been the subject of conspiracy theories and mysteries for decades.

Here are five of the famous ones we know – 

1) Freemasons

In a nutshell, Freemasonry is described as a “beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols”.

Historically, masons are stone builders. In medieval times, they belonged to local guilds. Due to the nature of their job, they traveled to a lot of places. Because they used similar tools for work, they were able to identify one another through some of them.

Although some of their activities are widely known, the group still operates behind the veil. This makes it impossible for non-members to get full grasp of what happens in their lodges. 

The Freemasons also operate a degree based elevation method for members. It begins from the Apprenticeship level until the person reaches the Master mason degree.

1) Illuminati

The Order was formed by Adam Weishaupt on 1 May 1776 in Bavaria which is in present day Germany. 

There are so many literature and conspiracy theories about this group. However, what is historically known is that the group was banned. The promulgation which was given by the Duke of Bavaria also attached death sentence to anyone found culpable.

Despite the heavy crackdown on the group, some people allege that the group survived persecution and went underground.

3) Knights Templar

The Templars were an order of highly trained warriors that protected Christian pilgrims from incessant attacks on their way to the Holy Land.

Although that was the initial starting point, the order soon grew to be part of the Crusade. They would also go on to build a form of banking system which non-combatants operated across different places in medieval times.

However, the group saw it’s fortune decline when rumours filtered in that they did secret initiations for new members. This led to persecution of the group and their eventual demise.

One mysterious conspiracy weaved around this group is linked to the Holy Grail.

4) Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones is an undergraduate secret society formed in 1832. The Order as it is popularly known is headquartered at Yale University, Connecticut, USA.

During the academic year, they would “tap” students they believe have leadership qualities and encourage them to join the society. They hold their meetings in a building called “Tomb”.

Expectedly, the group has also been made the subject of many conspiracy theories. These conspiracies have also been used in movies like “The Skulls” and “The Good Shepherd”.

5) Bilderbeg 

The group was formed in 1954 as a yearly conference among political and non-political figures to prevent another world war. 

However, the annual conference which brings the group together every year has moved beyond prevention of another global war. Promotion of bilateral relations between Europe and North America has also been added to the discussions held at the conference. 

Attendees come from all sphere’s of life, and can only be through invitation. Whatever is discussed in the conference is never divulged to the media afterwards, hence getting it a secret society tag in this list.

Due to the privacy and secrecy, series of conspiracy theories with respect to world domination abound.


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