Famous Rapper, 50 Cent Made A Bid To Buy A Bottle Of Wine For ₦66.5million In Texas But Lost

The popular rapper from New York shared a post on his Twitter page yesterday saying he made a bid at an auction but it didn’t go through. He also shared a picture in which he was raising his hand at the auction which took place in Texas, USA.

He said –

“Man there are some people in Texas that got a lot of money. I bid $175,000 for a bottle of wine  and i still lost.”

When converted, the money is roughly 66.5million Naira. From the picture, 50 Cent is seen wearing the typical Cowboy hat which is popular among Texans.

Popularly known for churning out massive hit tracks, including the widely known “In Da club”, the rapper used his Twitter handle to let his fans know how rich Texans are.

Although the rapper is not churning out the big hits like in the past, the rapper has seen massive success in his other ventures like movies and business chains. 50 Cent is also the producer of popular TV show “Power”, a series centered around drug life and teenage struggles.

He is also a feature in Sylvester Stallone’s prison movie franchise, “Escape Plan”.

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