“You Are Finished Bro” Says Father Who Caught Parking Attendant Wooing His 15yrs Old Daughter

It’s usually easy to realise you are finished when you get caught and know the exact future waiting for you. A Parking Attendant has landed himself in trouble with authorities after he was caught wooing a 15yrs old girl in South East London. He has been messaging a girl, who is reportedly 15yrs old – a minor by UK Laws.

Unknown to the man, the father of the girl knew about his act an decided to teach him a lesson. So, they waited for him after school and publicly videoed the whole thing while calling the police.

While he waited for the police to come, the furious dad told the Parking Attendant “you are finished bro” at 01:26.

From the viral video which has drawn reactions across the media, the man was seen been totally dumbfounded and beaten. The look in his eyes, internal conflict and every other thing that must be going on in his mind was very visible.

He started by shouting “Jesus Jesus”. After that, he started begging the man who questioned what he was begging him for. At this point, the father was already contacting the authorities after getting the man’s batch number.

At the height of his confusion and guilt, probably knowing it’s something he could have avoided, the man shouted “I am finished!” as he couldn’t help but curse himself in his lamentation.

Watch the video.


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