It’s Very Selfish To Initiate a Relationship With Someone When You’re Not Emotionally Available

A lot of people have learned how to use the word “no” to great effect. The power behind the usage of the two letter is enormous. One, It will save you from future heart aches and unwanted relationship problems. Two, it helps you stay focused on your priorities.

Now, why did I bring in that illustration?

No one gives their best in anything if their mind is not fully invested in the said venture. So long as the mind is unsure of something, commitment to that particular thing is a big issue. This is why priority matters. Once something is a priority for you, you will have no choice than to get committed or try your best to ensure the set purpose is achieved.  

When it comes to relationships, It is important that people who are dating know how they feel about the other person from the beginning. This saves a lot of problem for both parties in the long run. 

It is selfish to get entangled with someone you already have in mind of wasting time with. Nobody is saying you shouldn’t associate with people of you choosing. However, you have to let them know where your heart is from the start so that they will be properly guided in their interactions with you.

Some people are afraid of being being alone, therefore they’d rather just waste your time in the process while waiting for their better tomorrow’s. But, people need to be sincere with themselves at all times. Honesty can prevent a lot of people getting hurt because of your own selfish agenda. Let’s face it, you can’t stand it yourself. So, why make another go through the horror? 

Remember, you can’t use your own pain as an excuse to inflict emotional nightmare on another person who had nothing to do with your broken feelings.

What if you disclose that you are not emotionally available at the beginning?

Well, you can’t be blamed for what happens later if the other person persists in going ahead with the relationship. But, you would have given them a heads up, and therefore forewarned them. Whatever happens next, they know it’s what they bargained for. That burden is no longer on you but on them. Going forward, everyone will know exactly where they stand.

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