5 Neglected Signs in our Body That can Lead to a Nervous Breakdown

There is no ailment that particularly leads to a nervous breakdown. But, the one constant is stress. We cannot avoid stress in life, but that doesn’t mean we should neglect the damage it can cause if it’s allowed to thrive.

A nervous breakdown or mental breakdown occurs when an individual is overwhelmed with so much stress that it doesn’t allow them do anything or perform their regular activities. These type of stress is usually extreme, and makes it difficult for a person to do routine tasks.

Some well known triggers of nervous breakdown are sudden tragedy, anxiety, abuse, financial problems or burnouts (constant stress at work).

The signs include –

1) Concentration Problems

Inability to concentrate is usually a sign of an underlying problem. If you are having problem concentrating, it may be that something else is taking your concentration.

Not tackling the main cause may eventually result in a mental breakdown if it overwhelms the person.

2) Depression

Stress can add up and turn to depression if left unchecked. However, stress is not the only cause of depression. Low self esteem, fear, worries, easily getting angered, etc, may also pile up in the long run and become unbearable.

These stressors can lead to a mental breakdown when they become extreme and takes up majority of the individuals everyday thoughts.

3) Hallucinations

When you start seeing things that are not there, or make connections with no basis whatsoever, you may be hallucinating.

Hallucination has dangerous outcomes, and therefore it is advised that you nip it at the bud before it turns into a nervous breakdown.

4) Insomnia

Inadequate sleep is also another sign of a possible mental breakdown. Stress and heavy thinking can make someone not to sleep adequately. In turn, lack of sleep (insomnia) will distort a person’s physical and mental health.

Since we need proper sleep to recharge our body, lack of it will likely lead to a nervous breakdown. Insomnia will cause the individual to temporarily lose interest in performing daily activities because their body will not be up for it.

5) Extreme Fatigue.

Constant fatigue may add up to create an extreme one. A lot of things can cause it, so it’s advisable to avoid engagements that may lead to it.

If it becomes unbearable for the body, extreme fatigue may lead to so many repercussions for the person, including the inability to perform daily duties.

•Coping With Stress and Nervous Breakdown

If you are getting overwhelmed with the things you are involved in, taking a break is highly recommended. You can also practice meditation, reduce your workload or visit nature. You should also stay away from social media if you can since it can be part of the unknown stressors you are probably not away of.

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