5 Natural Things Religious and Nonreligious People Share In Common Everyday

The world is a beautiful place. Nature is filled with wonders, beautiful sights and naturally occurring horrors. 

Today, the weather is gloomy and bright, tomorrow it may be booming with it’s showers. Whatever be the dose, nature does have its own unique ways of throwing them at us. So, here is a list of five naturally occurring things we all share in common everyday –

1) Rain

It comes when it decides. Sometimes, it can decide to obey it’s own observed seasonal rules. Other times, it can also create waterlogs for children to play with.

2) Sun 

A ray of hope and scorching disaster, this beautiful star shines on us all eveeyday as it rises from the East and sets in the West.

3) Water

Fela once said “water no get enemy”. That just about summarizes everything about this liquid substance. In it’s drinkable form, it quenches every living thing’s thirst – be it trees, animals and humans.

4) Death

Well, nothing much to say here, it is the end of everything.

5) Climate Change

Climate change also affects us all.

So, there you have it.


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