Satanism: 3 Similarities Between The Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple

This is not an analysis of the activities of the two Satanist groups, but just the major similarities between the two. This is especially as The Satanic Temple gravitates towards major media campaigns for publicity.

Most people may be familiar with the Church of Satan, and especially their savage replies on Twitter. It’s mostly anytime the name Satan is blamed for anything on the platform.

However, not most people know of The Satanic Temple which is changing the narrative on how people view religion recently.

Here are 3 key similarities between the two Satanist groups –

1) The Satanic Temple don’t believe in a deity called Satan or God. On their part, the Church of Satan do not believe in a deity called Satan or God. However, there are some sub-groups believed to hold that view. But, they’re in the minority.

2) Both Have Their Respective Satanic Codes.

The Church of Satan has “The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth” while The Satanic Temple has it’s Codes referred to as “The 7 Tenets” which suggests to their members on how best to treat life and people. 

3) Both Groups are after the same thing – religious freedom for everyone. Both groups have openly campaigned for church and state separation.

In some quarters, both seen as vessels to mock the real religions and are not religions themselves

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