10 Common Things That Destroy Relationships

A lot of neglected attitudes and acts can mess up a good or budding relationship. Sometimes, the person may not really realize this in time. We all know that the decisions you make every passing second of the day eventually builds up to be a part of you. In some cases, they become difficult to change over time. 

These decisions may normally be good for you as an individual, but if you are in a relationship, compromise on certain behaviors is a must. If you cannot make such adjustments, don’t enter into any relationship – stay in your lane. 

These are ten common things that can sour relationships – 

1) Lies

Just like the name implies, lying is one thing you should always avoid in any relationship. The last thing you want is to be known as a liar because it is going to directly affect how everything you say or do will be interpreted. 

2) Cheating

Some people agree to be in open relationships, so cheating is relative here. However, when such fact is not disclosed by either partners at the beginning, good luck in convincing your partner that you won’t do it again. Some people do forgive cheating partners, while other’s don’t. So, thread carefully.

3) Emotional Blackmail

So many people are good at this. It may work, or not. But, be careful not to over play your cards. 

4) Lack of Trust

A lot of things can cause distrust in relationships. One of the most known ones is usually based on suspicion by the other party. The underlying factor behind the suspicion may be because of strange friends, whereabouts, phone calls or suspicious text messages.

It’s your duty to douse any feeling of distrust in your partner by being open and sincere in your dealings.

5) External interference

Family and friends play a huge role in our lives. Therefore, sometimes we share some of our burdens and secrets with them.

Just don’t give them reason to use their position in your life to interfere in your relationship when it is not called for. Also, be careful in following certain advises; most people don’t follow their own advice.

6) Ego

Our ego usually clouds our judgment and prevents us from seeing things as they are. Just be careful to notice when you are being full of yourself. Learn to apologise when you are wrong.

7) Entitlement Mentality

Some guys think that dating a girl is automatic access to free sex while some girls believe the boyfriend should start footing their bill after assumption of duty. Well, what can I say – reality is often disappointing.

8) Lack of Communication

Some of us are not Clark Kent. We do require you to say your mind on things, keep in touch verbally and ask after our well being. 

You can’t expect your partner to be decoding most of your acts all the time. Find better ways to express your mind. There are always better ways of complaining or making your feelings known; you are probably not trying hard enough to find them.

9) Selfcenteredness 

There is no “I” in “We” or “Us”. You are either dating or you are not.

10) Money

Like it not, money makes a relationship very sweet. Lack of it is always going to put a strain on the relationship in one way or the other. However, it should not. 

On the brighter side, you are better off not being in a relationship if you don’t have the money to cater for two.

Add yours.

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