United States of Nigeria

UAR: United States of Nigeria [USN] Sounds Better

A new name is not going to automatically wipe the flaws inherent in the current system away. The people living in the country will still be the ones in charge. 

A sovereign nation is not going to suddenly become a new country just because the name was changed. Even if the name should be changed to a new one, all the documents in the former name doesn’t become invalid or automatically turn obsolete.

There is something about formulas – they work all the time. Fire and fuel will always light up something. The only way it can’t is if the object to be lit up is wet. In this instance, neither the fuel nor the fire takes the blame. 

If a system is not working, you make it to work. Blaming, accusations and change of a country’s name is not going to fix anything if the system they will work on is faulty. 

It is not rocket science to know that the only reason why things are not working according to the yearning of the people is because of the “Lack of Proper Accountability Mechanisms” independent of corrupt Government officials. Secondly, the section of the Constitution that could have made them hundred percent accountable is nonjusticiable. This means that you can’t hold them responsible for not doing what they were supposed to do while in office. 

Is there anything special about Nigeria and it’s multiple ethnic groups that should really be a hindrance to the actualisation of the country of our dream? It’s just politics and greed, that’s all.

If it makes sense, I think the name United States of Nigeria sounds good. It is not divisive, and it creates a sense of total belonging. In this manner, every State will know how big of a stake they have in the entity called Nigeria.

As the call for autonomy of States continue to rise, this will also go a long way in fastracking that drive. It is no longer a secret that most people in the country are divided along ethnic lines.

 That’s why I think that this name may assuage that. This will also be in line with the Federal Government’s drive to move towards adoption of “State of Residence” as opposed to the current “State of Origin” format being used in the country.

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