Smartphones has changed religion forever

How Smartphones Helped in Minimizing Religious Extremism

In the past, knowledge of religious doctrines is mostly remembered after committing them to memory.

But, the emergence of Smartphones has shifted that narrative. It doesn’t seem like the curve can be reversed going forward at the moment because technology has come to stay. Having realized the power of smartphones, a lot of what use to be accessible through physical books are now easily available online or through specific apps.

Now, instead of memorizing chapters and passages of religious books, people prefer to have them as documents, audio messages, apps or EBooks in their phones. Ordinarily, this texts would have been occupying spaces in our memories. But, since Smartphones make them easily available and in better forms, it indirectly became the go-to source for the millennials.

As it is this way, a lot of space is freed in the persons memory, making it easy to accommodate other things not related to religion. At this point, other activities will fill up those empty spaces. This means that the mind is not focused on interpreting the meaning of religious texts all the time. 

If other things take up those spaces, the persons attention is divided. Movies, music videos, audiobooks, audio messages, applications and web apps are some of the few things the attention is channelled to. The funny thing is, you can’t restrict people from using their phone as it stands. 

If what occupies the mind is to watch a movie for instance, priority will also be accorded to it in order to satisfy the need. With all the benefits and convenience provided by Smartphones, it is hard to be thinking about doctrines all the time when the world is literally in your hands. 

Admittedly, Smartphones also pose their own challenges. But, it has reduced religious extremism directly and indirectly. Interacting with people from other places in the world influences ideologies overtime and challenges your world views. Smartphones are at the centre of it all right now.


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