The need to check things out is a trait we are born with. Through the act of checking to know what a particular thing is about, many discoveries have been made by man. Curiosity is something almost everyone shares in common. It is the instinctive draw to know through a personal fact finding mission. This inadvertently leads to acquisition of more knowledge.

Curiosity also forms a major part of our learning process. Therefore, who else can show it more than children?

From the picture above, none of them can actually read or comprehend what is in the book, but look how serious they’re looking at it. Even the dog is not left out, as he seems to be very interested in understanding what the whole thing is all about.

Studies tells us that curiosity is a basic attribute for learning. In other words, you are more likely to know about something if you are curious enough about it. We become curious about a lot of things as our senses and needs continue to grow. In other times, we are just curious because it cannot be helped. This is why we read about people we will never meet or things we’ll never do. That notwithstanding, most people are usually curious about things that specifically affects them.

But, be advised that curiosity can also kill the cat.



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