5 Deep Questions I Ask Myself About the Human Soul

Sometimes I sit and think about the human soul. I often wonder in vain, pondering on questions about this. At the end of each session, l often conclude that I will never know.

1) Where do soul’s stay before birth?

This is a constant in my thoughts some days. How is the human soul formed?  

I also imagine if at all a soul exists before birth. Where does it stay prior to conception? How does the soul know the body to inhabit? When does the connection between body and soul occur?

2) How does a soul choose their birth mother?

I wonder if a soul has a say in where they will be born. Do the souls influence their birth location? 

3) Does aborted foetus have soul?

Most countries around the world have different laws and regulations guiding the rights of a foetus according to the stage of development in the womb. For the countries that recognize the status of a foetus, it means that the unborn child also have a soul. But, the question is, in what capacity does it function at this stage?

If at all soul exists, at what age of the foetus development does it begin to manifest itself?

4) What happens to the soul of aborted babies?

5) Where do soul’s go after death?

In some traditions, it is believed that soul’s reincarnate. In some religions, the belief is that the soul goes to meet their maker to account for the life lived. 

The 21 Grams experiment, although inconclusive, tried in vain to weigh the mass of soul. This shows that even Science is not left out of the ‘soul’ question. Does the soul exist?

I guess we will probably never know for now.

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