7 Things That Are Likely to Happen When You Get to 27

At the age of 27, you are probably approaching the time in your life where you will soon be set in your ways.

At this point, your behaviors and ideologies are likely getting set. You would have developed your own special microscopic eyes through which you view the world. Everything probably becomes a matter of the interpretation you give it.

1] It Starts Dawning on You That Life is full of Routines 

No one may have told you that being an adult sucks. However, as you grow older and get to 27, you will start realizing this little told secret. You can’t just run around in your street and play anymore as you once did as a kid. 

What you will mostly wake up to is the constant reality staring you in the face and forcing you to keep in touch with the fact that there are bills to pay.

Your life starts to turn into a routine of: work – rest – food – social function – exercise – entertainment and the cycle goes back to – work. 

2] Your Adulthood Begins to Manifest in Your Face

No one is going to remind you that you are not getting younger at this time. Every single part of you will surely do their best to remind you the age you are on. Sooner or later, you may start comparing yourself with others especially if you are not at the level of your childhood dreams.

The self inflicted pressures may start manifesting at this point. The influence may not be unconnected with the desire to be the next big whiz on the block before you reach the 30yrs mark.

3] 30 Is Around the Corner – Your Mind reminds you

If the 25yrs mark didn’t give you the jolt you needed, the constant reminder from the mind will surely keep you company all the time when you clock 27. 

4] You Will Start Taking Yourself Very Serious

This will make you to be highly selective of people you spend your time with. You will start having more sense of worth and this is going to make your familial circle restricted to people with similar goals like yours.

5] You Will Reminisce on Abandoned Dreams and Future Aspirations

In football terms, at 27 a player should already be seeing the twilight of their career. But, for the average person, same age may be the one of new beginning. This comes especially if the later years didn’t yield as much fruits as expected.

This makes it the best age to reanalyze and re-strategize in order to seize the youthful vigor and utilize it to the maximum while in pursuit of diverse life ambitions.

6] Question of Job Security

You will start to think in the long term as opposed to continuing with short goals that probably ruled your earlier years. The issue of job stability, career success or successful business venture will start ranking high in your mind.

7] Marriage

Even if you have been ignoring it, discussions about this will be popping up once in a while. Every Saturday may become the unofficial day in the week that reminds you that more people are leaving you to rock your singleness alone as they tie the knot with their heartthrobs.

  In summary, there are lots of things that will happen when you get to this age. However, do not allow yourself get overwhelmed by them. So many things will also happen when you get to 50. Therefore, take time and don’t rush.


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