Will You be Comfortable With Your Girlfriend If you Discover that She Smokes Marijuana?

Someone once said that if you caught your girlfriend smoking weed and ask her to choose between you and pot – she might actually choose marijuana over you.

There are so many reasons why people smoke weed. Some may be health related, while others may just be for relaxation. Whichever be the case, marijuana is addictive and there’s a possibility that it is going to create an addicting dependence for those who abuse it.

On the one part of the equation are the people who don’t like pot. They don’t want to have anything to do with it, especially because of the bad stigmatization attached to the plant and people who smoke it.

On the other part are people who have probably formed a daily living around marijuana. This group may likely host events, outings and parties in order to smoke cannabis with familial circles or even alone in their respective places.

These people from two different worlds may start dating and one day, the guy finds out that she smokes. Maybe, she has never told him about it, and the act probably sets a bell off for the guy who may start wondering what else she didn’t tell or not telling him.

Some people simply can’t deal and would rather end it all instantly. Others may choose to play the devil’s advocate because of it while there are those who may not really care as long as it’s not affecting the relationship in any way. However, before you judge her, you should know that that is a private aspect of her life. Before you throw away the life you built together with her over the years because she is a smoker, you have to realize that it’s not really your problem except it affects you in a negative way.

That you are dating someone doesn’t mean you have a right over their lifestyle all of a sudden. However, we admit that you have that right over yourself and therefore can choose to stay away from her.

At the end of the day though, you also have to consider if the relationship is worth it so as to justify your continued presence. But, let’s say for a minute here that you walked in on your girlfriend blowing some pot, what will you do?

In another question, let’s say you have finally discovered that she smokes marijuana (she probably didn’t care if you found out or not), will you be comfortable going forward with the relationship?

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